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Luke 4:14

Returned (upestrepsen). Luke does not fill in the gap between the temptations in the wilderness of Judea and the Galilean Ministry. He follows the outline of Mark. It is John's Gospel alone that tells of the year of obscurity (Stalker) in various parts of the Holy Land. In the power of the Spirit (en th dunamei tou pneumato). Luke in these two verses ( Luke 14 15) gives a description of the Galilean Ministry with three marked characteristics (Plummer): the power of the spirit, rapid spread of Christ's fame, use of the Jewish synagogues. Luke often notes the power of the Holy Spirit in the work of Christ. Our word dynamite is this same word dunami (power). A fame (phmh). An old Greek word found in the N.T. only here and Matthew 9:26 . It is from phmi, to say. Talk ran rapidly in every direction. It assumes the previous ministry as told by John.

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