Luke 4:33

Which had (ecwn). Mark has en. A spirit of an unclean demon (pneuma daimoniou akaqartou). Mark has "unclean spirit." Luke's phrase here is unique in this combination. Plummer notes that Matthew has daimonion ten times and akaqarton twice as an epithet of pneuma; Mark has daimonion thirteen times and akaqarton eleven times as an epithet of pneuma. Luke's Gospel uses daimonion twenty-two times and akaqarton as an epithet, once of daimonion as here and once of pneuma. In Mark the man is in (en) the power of the unclean spirit, while here the man "has" a spirit of an unclean demon. With a loud voice (pwnh megalh). Not in Mark. Really a scream caused by the sudden contact of the demon with Jesus.