Luke 4:39

He stood over her (epista epanw auth). Second aorist active participle. Only in Luke. Surely we are not to take Luke to mean that Jesus here took the exorcist's position and was rebuking a malignant personality. The attitude of Jesus is precisely that of any kindly sympathetic physician. Mark 1:31 ; Matthew 8:15 mention the touch of her hand rather than the tender look over her head. Rebuked (epetimhsen). Only in Luke. Jesus bade the fever leave her as he spoke to the wind and the waves and Luke uses this same verb ( Matthew 8:24 ). Rose up and ministered (anastasa dihkonei). Second aorist active participle as in verse Matthew 38 , but inchoative imperfect tense dihkonei, from diakonew (note augment of compound verb). She rose up immediately, though a long high fever usually leaves one very weak. The cure was instantaneous and complete. She began to minister at once and kept it up.