Luke 4:6

All this authority (thn exousian tauthn apasan). Matthew 4:9 has "all these things." Luke's report is more specific. And the glory of them (kai thn doxan autwn). Matthew 4:8 has this in the statement of what the devil did, not what he said. For it hath been delivered unto me (oti emoi paradedotai). Perfect passive indicative. Satan here claims possession of world power and Jesus does not deny it. It may be due to man's sin and by God's permission. Jesus calls Satan the ruler of this world ( John 12:31 ; John 14:30 ; John 16:11 ). To whomsoever I will (oi an qelw). Present subjunctive with an in an indefinite relative sentence. This audacious claim, if allowed, makes one wonder whether some of the world rulers are not, consciously or unconsciously, agents of the devil. In several American cities there has been proven a definite compact between the police and the underworld of crime. But the tone of Satan here is one of superiority to Jesus in world power. He offers him a share in it on one condition.

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