Luke 4:9

Led him (hgagen). Aorist active indicative of agw. Matthew 4:5 has paralambanei (dramatic present). The wing of the temple (to pterugion tou ierou). See on "Mt 4:5". It is not easy to determine precisely what it was. From hence (enteuqen). This Luke adds to the words in Matthew, which see. To guard thee (tou diapulaxai se). Not in Matthew 4:6 quoted by Satan from Psalms 91:11 Psalms 91:12 . Satan does not misquote this Psalm, but he misapplies it and makes it mean presumptuous reliance on God. This compound verb is very old, but occurs here alone in the N.T. and that from the LXX. Luke repeats oti (recitative oti after gegraptai, is written) after this part of the quotation.

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