Luke 5:12

Behold (kai idou). Quite a Hebraistic idiom, this use of kai after egeneto (almost like oti) with idou (interjection) and no verb. Full of leprosy (plhrh lepra). Mark 1:40 and Matthew 8:2 have simply "a leper" which see. Evidently a bad case full of sores and far advanced as Luke the physician notes. The law ( Leviticus 13:12 ) curiously treated advanced cases as less unclean than the earlier stages. Fell on his face (peswn epi proswpon). Second aorist active participle of piptw, common verb. Mark 1:40 has "kneeling" (gonupetwn) and Mt 8:40 "worshipped" (prosekunei). All three attitudes were possible one after the other. All three Synoptics quote the identical language of the leper and the identical answer of Jesus. His condition of the third class turned on the "will" (qelh) of Jesus who at once asserts his will (qhlw) and cleanses him. All three likewise mention the touch (hpsato, verse Mark 13 ) of Christ's hand on the unclean leper and the instantaneous cure.

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