Luke 5:19

By what way they might bring him in (poia ei enegkwsin auton). Deliberative subjunctive of the direct question retained in the indirect. The housetop (to dwma). Very old word. The flat roof of Jewish houses was usually reached by outside stairway. Cf. Acts 10:9 where Peter went for meditation. Through the tiles (dia twn keramwn). Common and old word for the tile roof. Mark 2:4 speaks of digging a hole in this tile roof. Let him down (kaqhkan auton). First aorist (k aorist) effective active of kaqihmi, common verb. Mark 2:4 has historical present calwsi, the verb used by Jesus to Peter and in Peter's reply ( Luke 5:4 ). With his couch (sun twi klinidiwi). Also in verse Luke 24 . Diminutive of klinh (verse Luke 18 ) occurring in Plutarch and Koin writers. Mark 2:4 has krabatton (pallet). It doubtless was a pallet on which the paralytic lay. Into the midst before Jesus (ei to meson emprosqen tou Ihsou). The four friends had succeeded, probably each holding a rope to a corner of the pallet. It was a moment of triumph over difficulties and surprise to all in the house (Peter's apparently, Mark 2:1 ).