Luke 5:29

A great feast (dochn megalhn). Here and in Luke 14:13 only in the N.T. The word doch, from decomai, means reception. Occurs in Plutarch and LXX. Levi made Jesus a big reception. Publicans and others (telwnwn kai allwn). Luke declines here to use "sinners" like Mark 2:15 and Matthew 9:10 though he does so in verse Matthew 30 and in Matthew 15:1 . None but social outcasts would eat with publicans at such a feast or barbecue, for it was a very large affair. Were sitting at meat with them (hsan met autwn katakeimenoi). Literally, were reclining with them (Jesus and the disciples). It was a motley crew that Levi had brought together, but he showed courage as well as loyalty to Jesus.

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