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Luke 5:4

Had left speaking (epausato lalwn). He ceased speaking (aorist middle indicative and present active participle, regular Greek idiom). Put out into the deep (epanagage ei to baqo). The same double compound verb as in verse Matthew 3 , only here second aorist active imperative second person singular. Let down (calasate). Peter was master of the craft and so he was addressed first. First aorist active imperative second person plural. Here the whole crew are addressed. The verb is the regular nautical term for lowering cargo or boats ( Acts 27:17 Acts 27:30 ). But it was used for lowering anything from a higher place ( Mark 2:4 ; Acts 9:25 ; 2 Corinthians 11:33 ). For a catch (ei agran). This purpose was the startling thing that stirred up Simon.

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