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Luke 5:2

Two boats (ploia duo). Some MSS. have ploiaria, little boats, but ploia was used of boats of various sizes, even of ships like nhe. The fishermen (oi aleei). It is an old Homeric word that has come back to common use in the Koin. It means "sea-folk" from al, sea. Were washing (eplunon). Imperfect active, though some MSS. have aorist eplunan. Vincent comments on Luke's use of five verbs for washing: this one for cleaning, apomassw for wiping the dust from one's feet ( Luke 10:11 ), ekmassw of the sinful woman wiping Christ's feet with her hair ( Luke 7:38 Luke 7:44 ), apolouw of washing away sins (symbolically, of course) as in Acts 22:16 , and louw of washing the body of Dorcas ( Acts 9:37 ) and the stripes of the prisoners ( Acts 16:33 ). On "nets" see on Matthew 4:20 ; see also Mark 1:18 .

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