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Luke 6:11

They were filled with madness (eplhsqhsan anoia) First aorist passive (effective) with genitive: In Mark 5:26 we saw the people filled with fear. Here is rage that is kin to insanity, for anoia is lack of sense (a privative and nou, mind). An old word, but only here and 2 Timothy 3:9 in the N.T. Communed (dielaloun), imperfect active, picturing their excited counsellings with one another. Mark 3:6 notes that they bolted out of the synagogue and outside plotted even with the Herodians how to destroy Jesus, strange co-conspirators these against the common enemy. What they might do to Jesus (ti an poihsaien Ihsou). Luke puts it in a less damaging way than Mark 3:6 ; Matthew 12:14 . This aorist optative with an is the deliberative question like that in Acts 17:18 retained in the indirect form here. Perhaps Luke means, not that they were undecided about killing Jesus, but only as to the best way of doing it. Already nearly two years before the end we see the set determination to destroy Jesus. We see it here in Galilee. We have already seen it at the feast in Jerusalem ( John 5:18 ) where "the Jews sought the more to kill him." John and the Synoptics are in perfect agreement as to the Pharisaic attitude toward Jesus.

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