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Luke 6:19

Sought to touch him (ezhtoun aptesqai autou). Imperfect active. One can see the surging, eager crowd pressing up to Jesus. Probably some of them felt that there was a sort of virtue or magic in touching his garments like the poor woman in Luke 8:43 . ( Mark 5:23 ; Matthew 9:21 ). For power came forth from him (oti dunami par autou exhrceto). Imperfect middle, power was coming out from him. This is the reason for the continual approach to Jesus. And healed them all (kai iato panta). Imperfect middle again. Was healing all, kept on healing all. The preacher today who is not a vehicle of power from Christ to men may well question why that is true. Undoubtedly the failure to get a blessing is one reason why many people stop going to church. One may turn to Paul's tremendous words in Philippians 4:13 : "I have strength for all things in him who keeps on pouring power into me" (panta iscuw en twi endunamounti me). It was at a time of surpassing dynamic spiritual energy when Jesus delivered this greatest of all sermons so far as they are reported to us. The very air was electric with spiritual power. There are such times as all preachers know.

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