Luke 6:29

On the cheek (epi thn siagona). Matthew 5:39 has "right." Old word meaning jaw or jawbone, but in the N.T. only here and Matthew 5:39 , which see for discussion. It seems an act of violence rather than contempt. Sticklers for extreme literalism find trouble with the conduct of Jesus in John 18:22 where Jesus, on receiving a slap in the face, protested against it. Thy cloke (to imation), thy coat (ton citwna). Here the upper and more valuable garment (imation) is first taken, the under and less valuable citwn last. In Matthew 5:40 the process (apparently a legal one) is reversed. Withhold not (mh kwlush). Aorist subjunctive in prohibition against committing an act. Do not hinder him in his robbing. It is usually useless anyhow with modern armed bandits.

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