Luke 6:44

Is known (ginwsketai). The fruit of each tree reveals its actual character. It is the final test. This sentence is not in Matthew 7:17-20 , but the same idea is in the repeated saying ( Matthew 7:16 Matthew 7:20 ): "By their fruits ye shall know them," where the verb epignsesthe means full knowledge. The question in Matthew 7:16 is put here in positive declarative form. The verb is in the plural for "men" or "people," sullegousin. See on "Mt 7:16". Bramble bush (batou). Old word, quoted from the LXX in Mark 12:26 ; Luke 20:37 (from Exodus 3:6 ) about the burning bush that Moses saw, and by Stephen ( Acts 7:30 Acts 7:35 ) referring to the same incident. Nowhere else in the N.T. "Galen has a chapter on its medicinal uses, and the medical writings abound in prescriptions of which it is an ingredient" (Vincent). Gather (trugwsin). A verb common in Greek writers for gathering ripe fruit. In the N.T. only here and Revelation 14:18 . Grapes (stapulhn). Cluster of grapes.

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