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Luke 7:39

This man (outo). Contemptuous, this fellow. If he were a (the) prophet (ei hn [o] prophth). Condition of the second class, determined as unfulfilled. The Pharisee assumes that Jesus is not a prophet (or the prophet, reading of B, that he claims to be). A Greek condition puts the thing from the standpoint of the speaker or writer. It does not deal with the actual facts, but only with the statement about the facts. Would have perceived (eginwsken an). Wrong translation, would now perceive or know (which he assumes that Jesus does not do). The protasis is false and the conclusion also. He is wrong in both. The conclusion (apodosis), like the condition, deals here with the present situation and so both use the imperfect indicative (an in the conclusion, a mere device for making it plain that it is not a condition of the first class). Who and what manner of woman (ti kai potaph h gunh). She was notorious in person and character.

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