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Luke 8:1

Soon afterwards (en twi kaqexh). In Luke 7:11 we have en twi exh. This word means one after the other, successively, but that gives no definite data as to the time, only that this incident in Luke 8:1-3 follows that in Luke 7:36-50 . Both in Luke alone. That (kai). One of Luke's idioms with kai egeneto like Hebrew wav. Went about (diwdeuen). Imperfect active of diodeuw, to make one's way through (dia, odo), common in late Greek writers. In the N.T. here only and Acts 17:1 . Through cities and villages (kata polin kai kwmhn). Distributive use of kata (up and down). The clause is amphibolous and goes equally well with diwdeuen or with khrusswn (heralding) kai euaggelizomeno (evangelizing, gospelizing). This is the second tour of Galilee, this time the Twelve with him.

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