Luke 8:10

The mysteries (ta musthria). See for this word on "Mt 13:11"; see also "Mr 4:11". Part of the mystery here explained is how so many people who have the opportunity to enter the kingdom fail to do so because of manifest unfitness. That (ina). Here Mark 4:11 also has ina while Matthew 13:13 has oti (because). On the so-called causal use of ina as here equal to oti see discussion on Matthew 13:13 ; Mark 4:11 . Plummer sensibly argues that there is truth both in the causal oti of Matthew and the final ina of Mark and Matthew. "But the principle that he who hath shall receive more, while he who hath not shall be deprived of what he seemeth to have, explains both the ina and the oti. Jesus speaks in parables because the multitudes see without seeing and hear without hearing. But He also speaks in parable in order that they may see without seeing and hear without hearing." Only for "hearing" Luke has "understand" suniwsin, present subjunctive from a late omega form suniw instead of the -mi verb sunihmi.