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Luke 9:12

To wear away (klinein). Old verb usually transitive, to bend or bow down. Many compounds as in English decline, incline, recline, clinic (klinh, bed), etc. Luke alone in the N.T. uses it intransitively as here. The sun was turning down towards setting. Lodge (kataluswsin). First aorist active subjunctive of kataluw, a common verb, to dissolve, destroy, overthrow, and then of travellers to break a journey, to lodge (kataluma, inn, Luke 2:7 ). Only here and Luke 19:7 in the N.T. in this sense. Get victuals (eurwsin episitismon). Ingressive aorist active of euriskw, very common verb. Victuals (episitismon, from episitizomai, to provision oneself, sitizw, from siton, wheat) only here in the N.T., though common in ancient Greek, especially for provisions for a journey (snack). See on "Mr 6:32"-44; see also "Mt 14:13"-21 for discussion of details.

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