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Luke 9:18

As he was praying (en twi einai auton proseucomenon). Common Lukan idiom of en with the articular infinitive for a temporal clause, only here Luke has the periphrastic infinitive (einai proseucomenon) as also in Mark 11:1 . This item about Christ's praying alone in Luke. Alone (kata mona). In the N.T. only here and Mark 4:10 . Perhaps cwra (places) is to be supplied with mona (lonely places). Were with him (sunhsan autwi). This seems like a contradiction unless "alone" is to be taken with sunhsan. Westcott and Hort put sunhnthsan in the margin. This would mean that as Jesus was praying alone, the disciples fell in with him. At any rate he was praying apart from them.

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