Luke 9:27

Till they see (ew an idwsin). Second aorist active subjunctive with ew and an referring to the future, an idiomatic construction. So in Mark 9:1 ; Matthew 16:28 . In all three passages "shall not taste of death" (ou mh geuswntai qanatou, double negative with aorist middle subjunctive) occurs also. Rabbinical writings use this figure. Like a physician Christ tasted death that we may see how to die. Jesus referred to the cross as "this cup" ( Mark 14:36 ; Matthew 26:39 ; Luke 22:42 ). Mark speaks of the kingdom of God as "come" (elhluquian, second perfect active participle). Matthew as "coming" (ercomenon) referring to the Son of man, while Luke has neither form. See Matthew and Mark for discussion of the theories of interpretation of this difficult passage. The Transfiguration follows in a week and may be the first fulfilment in the mind of Jesus. It may also symbolically point to the second coming.

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