Luke 9:39

Suddenly (exepnh). Old adverb, but in the N.T. only in Luke's writings save Mark 13:36 . Used by medical writers of sudden attacks of disease like epilepsy. It teareth him that he foameth (sparassei auton meta aprou). Literally, "It tears him with (accompanied with, meta) foam" (old word, apro, only here in the N.T.). From sparassw, to convulse, a common verb, but in the N.T. only here and Mark 1:26 ; Mark 9:26 (and sunsparassw, Mark 9:20 ). See Mark 9:17 ; Matthew 17:15 ; Luke 9:39 for variations in the symptoms in each Gospel. The use of meta aprou is a medical item. Hardly (moli). Late word used in place of mogi, the old Greek term (in some MSS. here) and alone in Luke's writings in the N.T. save 1 Peter 4:18 ; Romans 5:7 . Bruising him sorely (suntribon auton). Common verb for rubbing together, crushing together like chains ( Mark 5:4 ) or as a vase ( Mark 14:3 ). See on Matthew and Mark for discussion of details here.

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