Luke 9:7

All that was done (ta ginomena panta). Present middle participle, "all that was coming to pass." He was much perplexed (dihporei). Imperfect active of diaporew, to be thoroughly at a loss, unable to find a way out (dia, a privative, poro, way), common ancient verb, but only in Luke's writings in the N.T. Because it was said (dia to legesqai). Neat Greek idiom, the articular passive infinitive after dia. Three reports came to the ears of Herod as Luke has it, each introduced by oti (that) in indirect discourse: "By some" (upo tinwn), "by some" (upo tinwn de), "by others" (allwn de, upo not here expressed, but carried over). The verbs in the indirect discourse here (verses Mark 7 8 ) are all three aorists (hgerqh first passive; epanh second passive; anesth second active), not past perfects as the English has them.

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