Mark 1:25

Hold thy peace (pimwqhti). First aorist passive imperative of pimow. "Be quiet," Moffatt translates it. But it is a more vigorous word, "Be muzzled" like an ox. So literally in 1 Corinthians 1:1 Deuteronomy 25:4, 1Co_9:9 Deuteronomy 9:9 ; 1 Timothy 5:18 . It is common in Josephus, Lucian, and the LXX. See Matthew 22:12 Matthew 22:34 . Gould renders it "Shut up." "Shut your mouth" would be too colloquial. Vincent suggests "gagged," but that is more the idea of epistomazein in Titus 1:11 , to stop the mouth.

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