Mark 1:29

The house of Simon and Andrew (thn oikian Simwno kai Andreou). Peter was married and both he and Andrew lived together in "Peter's house" ( Matthew 8:14 ) with Peter's wife and mother-in-law. Peter was evidently married before he began to follow Jesus. Later his wife accompanied him on his apostolic journeys ( 1 Corinthians 9:5 ). This incident followed immediately after the service in the synagogue on the sabbath. All the Synoptics give it. Mark heard Peter tell it as it occurred in his own house where Jesus made his home while in Capernaum. Each Gospel gives touches of its own to the story. Mark has "lay sick of a fever " (katekeito puressousa), lay prostrate burning with fever. Matthew puts it "stretched out (beblhmenhn) with a fever." Luke has it "holden with a great fever" (hn sunecomenh puretwi megalwi), a technical medical phrase. They all mention the instant recovery and ministry without any convalescence. Mark and Matthew speak of the touch of Jesus on her hand and Luke speaks of Jesus standing over her like a doctor. It was a tender scene.