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Mark 11:32

But should we say (alla eipwmen). Deliberative subjunctive with aorist active subjunctive again. It is possible to supply ean from verse Matthew 31 and treat it as a condition as there. So Matthew 21:26 and Luke 20:6 . But in Mark the structure continues rugged after "from men" with anacoluthon or even aposiopesis--"they feared the people" Mark adds. Matthew has it: "We fear the multitude." Luke puts it: "all the people will stone us." All three Gospels state the popular view of John as a prophet. Mark's "verily" is ontw really, actually. They feared John though dead as much as Herod Antipas did. His martyrdom had deepened his power over the people and disrespect towards his memory now might raise a storm (Swete).

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