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Mark 12:35

How say the scribes (Pw legousin oi grammatei). The opponents of Jesus are silenced, but he answers them and goes on teaching (didaskwn) in the temple as before the attacks began that morning ( 1 Samuel 11:27 ). They no longer dare to question Jesus, but he has one to put to them "while the Pharisees were gathered together" ( Matthew 22:41 ). The question is not a conundrum or scriptural puzzle (Gould), but "He contents himself with pointing out a difficulty, in the solution of which lay the key to the whole problem of His person and work" (Swete). The scribes all taught that the Messiah was to be the son of David ( John 7:41 ). The people in the Triumphal Entry had acclaimed Jesus as the son of David ( Matthew 21:9 ). But the rabbis had overlooked the fact that David in Psalms 110:1 called the Messiah his Lord also. The deity and the humanity of the Messiah are both involved in the problem. Matthew 22:45 observes that "no one was able to answer him a word."

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