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Mark 13:5

Take need that no man lead you astray (Blepete mh ti ma planhsh). Same words in Matthew 24:4 . Luke 21:8 has it "that ye be not led astray" (mh planhqhte). This word planaw (our planet) is a bold one. This warning runs through the whole discussion. It is pertinent today after so many centuries. About the false Christs then and now see on "Mt 24:5". It is amazing the success that these charlatans have through the ages in winning the empty-pated to their hare-brained views. Only this morning as I am writing a prominent English psychologist has challenged the world to a radio communication with Mars asserting that he has made frequent trips to Mars and communicated with its alleged inhabitants. And the daily papers put his ebullitions on the front page. For discussion of the details in verses Luke 6-8 see on Matthew 24:5-8 . All through the ages in spite of the words of Jesus men have sought to apply the picture here drawn to the particular calamity in their time.

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