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Mark 13:9

But take heed to yourselves (Blepete de umei eautou). Only in Mark, but dominant note of warning all through the discourse. Note umei here, very emphatic. Councils (sunedria). Same word as the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem. These local councils (sun, edra, sitting together) were modelled after that in Jerusalem. Shall ye be beaten (darhsesqe). Second future passive indicative second person plural. The word derw means to flay or skin and here has been softened into beat like our tan or skin in the vernacular. Aristophanes has it in this colloquial sense as have the papyri in the Koin. Before governors and kings (epi hgemonwn kai basilewn). Gentile rulers as well as before Jewish councils. Shall stand (staqhsesqe). First aorist passive indicative second person plural of isthmi.

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