Mark 14:1

After two days (meta duo hmera). This was Tuesday evening as we count time (beginning of the Jewish Wednesday). In Matthew 26:2 Jesus is reported as naming this same date which would put it our Thursday evening, beginning of the Jewish Friday. The Gospel of John mentions five items that superficially considered seem to contradict this definite date in Mark and Matthew, but which are really in harmony with them. See discussion on Matthew 26:17 and my Harmony of the Gospels, pp. 279 to 284. Mark calls it here the feast of "the passover and the unleavened bread," both names covering the eight days. Sometimes "passover" is applied to only the first day, sometimes to the whole period. No sharp distinction in usage was observed. Sought (ezhtoun). Imperfect tense. They were still at it, though prevented so far.

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