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Mark 15:46

Wound (eneilhsen). This word is only here in the N.T. As entulissw is only in Matthew 27:59 ; Luke 23:53 ; John 20:7 . Both verbs occur in the papyri, Plutarch, etc. They both mean to wrap, wind, roll in. The body of Jesus was wound in the linen cloth bought by Joseph and the hundred pounds of spices brought by Nicodemus ( John 19:39 ) for burying were placed in the folds of the linen and the linen was bound around the body by strips of cloth ( John 19:40 ). The time was short before the sabbath began and these two reverently laid the body of the Master in Joseph's new tomb, hewn out of a rock. The perfect passive participle (lelatomhmenon) is from latomo, a stonecutter (lw, stone, temnw, to cut). For further details see on "Mt 27:57"-60. Luke 23:53 and John 19:41 also tell of the new tomb of Joseph. Some modern scholars think that this very tomb has been identified in Gordon's Calvary north of the city. Against the door (epi thn quran). Matthew has the dative th qurai without epi and adds the adjective "great" (megan).

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