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Mark 16:1

When the sabbath was past (diagenomenou tou sabbatou). Genitive absolute, the sabbath having come in between, and now over. For this sense of the verb (common from Demosthenes on) see Acts 25:13 ; Acts 27:9 . It was therefore after sunset. Bought spices (hgorasan arwmata). As Nicodemus did on the day of the burial ( John 19:40 ). Gould denies that the Jews were familiar with the embalming process of Egypt, but at any rate it was to be a reverential anointing (ina aleipswsin) of the body of Jesus with spices. They could buy them after sundown. Salome in the group again as in Mark 15:40 . See on "Mt 28:1" for discussion of "late on the sabbath day" and the visit of the women to the tomb before sundown. They had returned from the tomb after the watching late Friday afternoon and had prepared spices ( Luke 23:56 ). Now they secured a fresh supply.

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