Mark 16:10

She (ekeinh). Only instance of this pronoun (=illa) absolutely in Mark, though a good Greek idiom. (See John 19:35 .) See also verses John 11 20 . Went (poreuqeisa). First aorist passive participle. Common word for going, but in Mark so far only in John 9:30 in the uncompounded form. Here also in verses John 12 15 . Them that had been with him (toi met autou genomenoi). This phrase for the disciples occurs here alone in Mark and the other Gospels if the disciples (maqhtai) are meant. All these items suggest another hand than Mark for this closing portion. As they mourned and wept (penqousin kai klaiousin). Present active participles in dative plural agreeing with toi ... genomenoi and describing the pathos of the disciples in their utter bereavement and woe.