Mark 3:10

Pressed upon him (epipiptein autwi). Were falling upon him to such an extent that it was dangerous. They were not hostile, but simply intensely eager, each to have his own case attended to by Jesus. That they might touch him (ina autou apswntai). If only that much. They hoped for a cure by contact with Christ. Aorist subjunctive. It was a really pathetic scene and a tremendous strain on Jesus. As many as had plagues (osoi eicon mastiga). Strokes or scourges, terms used by us today as a paralytic stroke, the influenza scourge. Our word plague is from plhgh (Latin plaga), from plhgnumi, to strike a blow. Common in ancient Greek in this sense. See Mark 5:29 Mark 5:34 ; Luke 7:21 for the same use of mastige and also 2Macc. 9:11.

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