Mark 3:6

And straightway with the Herodians took council (euqu meta twn Hhrwidianwn). The Pharisees could stand no more. So out they stalked at once in a rage of madness ( Luke 6:11 ) and outside of the synagogue took counsel (sumboulion epoihsan) or gave counsel (sumboulion edidoun, as some MSS. have it, imperfect tense, offered counsel as their solution of the problem) with their bitter enemies, the Herodians, on the sabbath day still "how they might destroy him" (opw auton apoleswsin), a striking illustration of the alternatives of Jesus a few moments before, "to save life or to kill." This is the first mention of the Herodians or adherents of Herod Antipas and the Herod family rather than the Romans. The Pharisees would welcome the help of their rivals to destroy Jesus. In the presence of Jesus they unite their forces as in Mark 8:15 ; Mark 12:13 ; Matthew 22:16 .