Mark 4:21

Not to be put on the stand? (ouc ina epi thn lucnian teqh;). First aorist passive subjunctive of tiqhmi with ina (purpose). The lamp in the one-room house was a familiar object along with the bushel, the bed, the lampstand. Note article with each. Mhti in the Greek expects the answer no. It is a curious instance of early textual corruption that both Aleph and B, the two oldest and best documents, have upo thn lucnian (under the lampstand) instead of epi thn lucnian, making shipwreck of the sense. Westcott and Hort actually put it in the margin but that is sheer slavery to Aleph and B. Some of the crisp sayings were repeated by Jesus on other occasions as shown in Matthew and Luke. To put the lamp under the bushel (modion) would put it out besides giving no light. So as to the bed or table-couch (klinhn) if it was raised above the floor and liable to be set on fire.

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