Mark 5:15

They come to Jesus (ercontai pro ton Ihsoun). Vivid present. To Jesus as the cause of it all, "to meet Jesus" (ei upanthsin Ihsou, Matthew 8:34 ). And behold (qewrousin). Present tense again. And they were afraid (kai epobhqhsan). They became afraid. Mark drops back to the ingressive aorist tense (passive voice). They had all been afraid of the man, but there he was "sitting clothed and in his right mind," (kaqhmenon imatismenon kai swpronounta. Note the participles). "At the feet of Jesus," Luke adds ( Luke 8:35 ). For a long time he had worn no clothes ( Luke 8:17 ). Here was the healing of the wild man and the destruction of the hogs all by this same Jesus.

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