Mark 6:14

Heard (hkousen). This tour of Galilee by the disciples in pairs wakened all Galilee, for the name of Jesus thus became known (paneron) or known till even Herod heard of it in the palace. "A palace is late in hearing spiritual news" (Bengel). Therefore do these powers work in him (dia touto energousin ai dunamei en autwi). "A snatch of Herod's theology and philosophy" (Morison). John wrought no miracles ( John 10:41 ), but if he had risen from the dead perhaps he could. So Herod may have argued. "Herod's superstition and his guilty conscience raised this ghost to plague him" (Gould). Our word energy is this same Greek word here used (energousin). It means at work. Miraculous powers were at work in Jesus whatever the explanation. This all agreed, but they differed widely as to his personality, whether Elijah or another of the prophets or John the Baptist. Herod was at first much perplexed (dihporei, Luke 9:7 and Mark 6:20 ).

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