Mark 6:48

Seeing them distressed in rowing (idwn autou basanizomenou en twi elaunein). See also Matthew 8:29 for the word basanizw, to torture, torment ( Matthew 4:24 ) with a touch-stone, then to distress as here. Papyri have dia basanwn used on slaves like our third degree for criminals. Elaunein is literally to drive as of ships or chariots. They drove the boat with oars. Common in Xenophon for marching. About the fourth watch of the night (peri tetarthn pulakhn th nukto). That is, between three and six A.M. The wind was contrary to them (enantio autoi), that is in their faces and rowing was difficult, "a great wind" ( John 6:18 ), and as a result the disciples had made little progress. They should have been over long before this. And he would have passed by them (kai hqelen parelqein autou). Only in Mark. He wished to pass by them, praeterire eos (Vulgate). Imperfect tense hqelen. They thought (edoxan). A natural conclusion. And cried out (anekraxan). Cried up, literally, a shriek of terror, or scream.

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