Mark 6:2

Began to teach (hrxato didaskein). As was now his custom in the synagogue on the sabbath. The ruler of the synagogue (arcisunagwgo, see Matthew 5:22 ) would ask some one to speak whensoever he wished. The reputation of Jesus all over Galilee opened the door for him. Jesus may have gone to Nazareth for rest, but could not resist this opportunity for service. Whence hath this man these things? (Poqen toutwi tauta;). Laconic and curt, Whence these things to this fellow? With a sting and a fling in their words as the sequel shows. They continued to be amazed (exeplhssonto, imperfect tense passive). They challenge both the apparent wisdom (sopia) with which he spoke and the mighty works or powers (ai dunamei) such as those (toiautai) coming to pass (ginomenai, present middle participle, repeatedly wrought) by his hands (dia twn ceirwn). They felt that there was some hocus-pocus about it somehow and somewhere. They do not deny the wisdom of his words, nor the wonder of his works, but the townsmen knew Jesus and they had never suspected that he possessed such gifts and graces.

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