Mark 7:21

Evil thoughts (oi dialogismoi oi kakoi). These come out of the heart (ek th kardia), the inner man, and lead to the dreadful list here given like the crimes of a modern police court: fornications (porneiai, usually of the unmarried), adulteries (moicaiai, of the married), thefts (klopai, stealings), covetings (pleonexiai, craze for more and more), murders (ponoi, growing out of the others often), wickednesses (ponhriai, from pono, toil, then drudge, bad like our knave, serving boy like German Knabe, and then criminal), deceit (dolo, lure or snare with bait), lasciviousness (aselgeia, unrestrained sex instinct), evil eye (opqalmo ponhro) or eye that works evil and that haunts one with its gloating stare, railing (blasphmia, blasphemy, hurtful speech), pride (uperhpania, holding oneself above others, stuck up), foolishness (aprosunh, lack of sense), a fitting close to it all.