Mark 7:28

Even the dogs under the table (kai ta kunaria upokatw th trapezh). A delightful picture. Even the little dogs (kunaria) under the table eat of the children's crumbs (esqiousin apo twn psiciwn twn paidiwn). Little dogs, little scraps of bread (psicion, diminutive of psico, morsel), little children (paidia, diminutive of pai). Probably the little children purposely dropped a few little crumbs for the little dogs. These household dogs, pets of and loved by the children. Braid Scots has it: "Yet the wee dowgs aneath the table eat o' the moole o' the bairns." "A unique combination of faith and wit" (Gould). Instead of resenting Christ's words about giving the children's bread to the dogs (Gentiles) in verse Romans 27 , she instantly turned it to the advantage of her plea for her little daughter.

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