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Mark 8:23

Brought him out of the village (exhnegken auton exw th kwmh). It had been a village, but Philip had enlarged it and made it a town or city (poli), though still called a village (verses Matthew 23 26 ). As in the case of the deaf and dumb demoniac given also alone by Mark ( Mark 7:31-37 ), so here Jesus observes the utmost secrecy in performing the miracle for reasons not given by Mark. It was the season of retirement and Jesus is making the fourth withdrawal from Galilee. That fact may explain it. The various touches here are of interest also. Jesus led him out by the hand, put spittle on his eyes (using the poetical and Koin papyri word ommata instead of the usual opqalmou), and laid his hands upon him, perhaps all this to help the man's faith.

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