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Matthew 10:41

In the name of a prophet (ei onoma prophtou). "Because he is a prophet" (Moffatt). In an Oxyrhynchus Papyrus 37 (A.D. 49) we find onomati eleuqerou in virtue of being free-born. "He that receiveth a prophet from no ulterior motive, but simply qua prophet (ut prophetam, Jer.) would receive a reward in the coming age equal to that of his guest" (McNeile). The use of ei here is to be noted. In reality ei is simply en with the same meaning. It is not proper to say that ei has always to be translated "into." Besides these examples of ei onoma in verses John 10:41 and John 10:42 see Matthew 12:41 ei to khrugma Iwna (see Robertson's Grammar, p. 593). Unto one of these little ones (ena twn mikrwn toutwn). Simple believers who are neither apostles, prophets, or particularly righteous, just "learners," "in the name of a disciple" (ei onoma maqhtou). Alford thinks that some children were present (cf. Matthew 18:2-6 ).

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