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Matthew 12:25

Knowing their thoughts (eidw de ta enqumhsei autwn). What they were revolving in their minds. They now find out what a powerful opponent Jesus is. By parables, by a series of conditions (first class), by sarcasm, by rhetorical question, by merciless logic, he lays bare their hollow insincerity and the futility of their arguments. Satan does not cast out Satan. Note timeless aorist passive emerisqh in Matthew 26 , epqasen in Matthew 28 (simple sense of arriving as in Philippians 3:16 from pqanw). Christ is engaged in deathless conflict with Satan the strong man ( Philippians 29 ). "Goods" (skeuh) means house-gear, house furniture, or equipment as in Luke 17:36 and Acts 27:17 , the tackling of the ship.

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