Matthew 12:41

In the judgment (en th krisei). Except here and in the next verse Matthew has "day of judgment" (hmera krisew) as in Mark 10:15 ; Mark 11:22 Mark 11:24 ; Mark 12:36 . Luke ( Luke 10:14 ) has en th krisei. They repented at the preaching of Jonah (metenohson ei to khrugma Iwna). Note this use of ei just like en. Note also pleion (neuter), not pleiwn (masc.). See the same idiom in Luke 12:6 and Luke 12:48 . Jesus is something greater than the temple, than Jonah, than Solomon. "You will continue to disbelieve in spite of all I can say or do, and at last you will put me to death. But I will rise again, a sign for your confusion, if not for your conversion" (Bruce).

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