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Matthew 13:14

Is fulfilled (anaplhroutai). Aoristic present passive indicative. Here Jesus points out the fulfilment and not with Matthew's usual formula (ina or opw plwrhqh to rhqen (see John 1:22 ). The verb anaplhrow occurs nowhere else in the Gospels, but occurs in the Pauline Epistles. It means to fill up like a cup, to fill another's place ( 1 Corinthians 14:16 ), to fill up what is lacking ( Philippians 2:30 ). Here it means that the prophecy of Isaiah is fully satisfied in the conduct of the Pharisees and Jesus himself points it out. Note two ways of reproducing the Hebrew idiom (infinitive absolute), one by akoh the other by bleponte. Note also the strong negative ou mh with aorist subjunctive.

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