Matthew 13:25

While men slept (en twi kaqeudein tou anqrwpou). Same use of the articular present infinitive with en and the accusative as in Luke 13:4 . Sowed tares also (epespeiren ta zizania). Literally "sowed upon," "resowed" (Moffatt). The enemy deliberately sowed "the darnel" (zizania is not "tares," but "darnel," a bastard wheat) over (epi) the wheat, "in the midst of the wheat." This bearded darnel, lolium temulentum, is common in Palestine and resembles wheat except that the grains are black. In its earlier stages it is indistinguishable from the wheat stalks so that it has to remain till near the harvest. Modern farmers are gaining more skill in weeding it out.