Matthew 14:19

To sit down on the grass (anakliqhnai epi tou cortou). "Recline," of course, the word means, first aorist passive infinitive. A beautiful picture in the afternoon sun on the grass on the mountain side that sloped westward. The orderly arrangement (Mark) made it easy to count them and to feed them. Jesus stood where all could see him "break" (klasa) the thin Jewish cakes of bread and give to the disciples and they to the multitudes. This is a nature miracle that some men find it hard to believe, but it is recorded by all four Gospels and the only one told by all four. It was impossible for the crowds to misunderstand and to be deceived. If Jesus is in reality Lord of the universe as John tells us ( John 1:1-18 ) and Paul holds ( Colossians 1:15-20 ), why should we balk at this miracle? He who created the universe surely has power to go on creating what he wills to do.

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