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Matthew 15:5

But ye say (mei de legete). In sharp contrast to the command of God. Jesus had quoted the fifth commandment ( Exodus 20:12 Exodus 20:16 ) with the penalty "die the death" (qanatwi teleutatw), "go on to his end by death," in imitation of the Hebrew idiom. They dodged this command of God about the penalty for dishonouring one's father or mother by the use "Corban" (korban) as Mark calls it ( Mark 7:11 ). All one had to do to evade one's duty to father or mother was to say "Corban" or "Gift" (Dwron) with the idea of using the money for God. By an angry oath of refusal to help one's parents, the oath or vow was binding. By this magic word one set himself free (ou mh timhsei, he shall not honour) from obedience to the fifth commandment. Sometimes unfilial sons paid graft to the rabbinical legalists for such dodges. Were some of these very faultfinders guilty?

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