Matthew 16:22

Peter took him (proslabomeno auton o Petro). Middle voice, "taking to himself," aside and apart, "as if by a right of his own. He acted with greater familiarity after the token of acknowledgment had been given. Jesus, however, reduces him to his level" (Bengel). "Peter here appears in a new character; a minute ago speaking under inspiration from heaven, now under inspiration from the opposite quarter" (Bruce). Syriac Sinaitic for Mark 8:32 has it "as though pitying him." But this exclamation and remonstrance of Peter was soon interrupted by Jesus. God have mercy on thee (ilew. Supply eih or estw o qeo). This shall never be (ou mh estai soi touto). Strongest kind of negation, as if Peter would not let it happen. Peter had perfect assurance.